About us

VA Automotive in brief
VA Automotive operates within four business areas; tooling technology, automation, components/system solutions and as an R&D company. The majority of its sales are attributable to the automotive industry. VA Automotive’s business structure was laid down in 2013, and led to the above-mentioned business areas. Taken together, the different areas constitute a unique set of competencies in great demand by the company’s customers, but which is not currently offered by our competitors. This provides excellent conditions for future
expansion and growth.

Products manufactured by the company include backrest frames, integrated child seats, air bag housings, pedal systems, moulded components and chassis components, etc. In addition, the company produces medium-sized and large tools and tooling equipment for the series production of high-quality components.

VA Automotive offers its customers total solutions, made possible by the collective competence and resources the company enjoys within the group as a whole. Because it operates in such areas as tooling technology, automation and vehicle components, group-wide resources in the form of personnel and equipment can be put to use flexibly within the company’s internal organization. This also allows the achievement of maximum cost advantages. Limiting its customers’ costs is of the utmost importance to VA Automotive.

The company’s customers include Volvo, Autoliv, IAC, Scania, Lear Corporation, National Electric Vehicle Sweden, Johnson Controls, BMW, Volkswagen, GM, Ford, Daimler, Gnotec, Porsche, Jaguar, Opel, Mazda, Electrolux and Ikea.

VA Automotive is listed on the Nasdaq First North with Avanza Bank as its Certified Adviser.

One stop shop for the automotive industry

VA Automotive’s business concept is to offer businesses primarily in the automotive and engineering industries, comprehensive, innovative and cost-efficient solutions for tools and dies, automated production equipment and completed automotive components.