Our offer

One stop shop
At VA Automotive we have identified the ever increasing demands our customers’ are facing and we have adapted our organization to meet their needs, now and in the future. We strive to be a proactive partner and take part at an early stage in our customers’ projects, so that we can assist throughout the entire process in order to assure and reduce the time to market.

We put a lot of effort into innovation, research and development – always with environment, safety and quality in focus.
And, since we can deliver design, tooling, automation and production of finished components, we leave nothing to chance. We offer a total-solution concept, ensuring that everything is right – from start to finish – without unnecessary loss of time along the route.

We are with you – all the way along the road.

One stop shop for the automotive industry

VA Automotive’s business concept is to offer businesses primarily in the automotive and engineering industries, comprehensive, innovative and cost-efficient solutions for tools and dies, automated production equipment and completed automotive components.