VA Academy – developing knowledge and expertise
Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved. That even applies to knowledge. Therefore, we have established a special department that is dedicated to raising the level of knowledge. This is for our own personnel, as well as for our customers and suppliers. VA Academy is part of an extensive network of partners that include universities and industrial research institutes. Everyone wins by gaining better knowledge. This results in better quality and better processes. We invite customers and suppliers to join us, and we go through all of the different stages of the processes. Together, we look at challenges and opportunities in the industry, and we learn from one another’s experience. In this way, we contribute actively to positive development in the industry.

Intervju med vd Lars-Åke Grundmark i samband med bokslutskommuniké januari-december 2016

Intervju med  VD Lars-Åke Grundmark.

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One stop shop for the automotive industry

VA Automotive’s business concept is to offer businesses primarily in the automotive and engineering industries, comprehensive, innovative and cost-efficient solutions for tools and dies, automated production equipment and completed automotive components.

New President/CEO at VA Automotive

Lars-Åke Grundmark was appointed new President / CEO, replacing Christer Svensson.