Business Area VA Automation

More efficient manufacturing processes
The auto industry places high demands on assured production and short lead times. This, in turn, demands manufacturing processes that are efficient and reliable. We have gained experience of this when we have built production lines for our own component manufacturing within the group and for customers who place extremely high demands on safety and quality. But we are also experienced at creating and building custom solutions for our customers. Among other things, we are an industry leader in equipment for airbag assembly.

Our experience of building custom solutions has benefited us and our customers and, in some cases, we have also developed equipment for standardized automation solutions. Examples include equipment for fibreglass filler material used in exhaust sound muffler systems, which we have developed and now deliver to several customers worldwide.

One stop shop for the automotive industry

VA Automotive’s business concept is to offer businesses primarily in the automotive and engineering industries, comprehensive, innovative and cost-efficient solutions for tools and dies, automated production equipment and completed automotive components.