Our business areas

In each of VA Automotive’s three business areas, each company operates either independently or together with the other companies in the respective business area, depending on the customer’s needs and preferences. We are also able to deliver a longer chain of expertise to our customers by collaborating across business areas. This results in greater overall efficiency and shorter lead times. 

Tool and Die

The business area Tools comprises the companies VA international, Ningbo Modern Tools in China, and SwePart Verktyg, Lidhs Verktyg and PR ToolDesign in Sweden. Tools are designed and made with the aid of a high-tech manufacturing infrastructure. Modern tooling is a process that is integrated into, and often concurrent with, the production development phase. 


Within the business area Automation, via the company IndustriTeknik, various kinds of automation equipment are designed and manufactured. The company also provides industry service in the form of maintenance and refurbishment of production equipment.

Automotive Components

Läreda Mekan has a longstanding heritage as a manufacturer of vehicle components. The company was established in 1958. With expertise and flexibility, this company produces complex sheetmetal structures. Operations include metalworking, welding, coating and assembly. The company’s biggest-selling product is complete seat frames for the vehicle industry. Läreda Mekan also offers concept and product development services.