A total-solution concept for the
vehicle and engineering industries

VA Automotive i Hässleholm AB delivers complete, innovative and cost-effective solutions. We mainly serve the vehicle and engineering industries, providing everything from tooling and production equipment to finished components.
The engineering tradition within the group constitutes an important knowledge base for our operations. Our broad and longstanding experience of safety products guarantees that high demands on safety,functionality and quality are met in everything we do. VA Automotive includes: SwePart Verktyg, Lidhs Verktyg, PR ToolDesign, Ningbo Modern Tools, VA International, Nya IndustriTeknik and Läreda Mekan.

Cost-effective solutions

VA Automotive presents an offering that many of our competitors lack, not least because we are able to take full advantage of the group’s collective expertise and resources. That generates significant cost advantagesthat benefit our customers. The VA Automotive Group mainly serves companies in the vehicle and engineering industries, providing expertise in three strategically important business segments:
Tool Engineering, Automation and Component/Systems Solutions. The group’s offer covers complete,innovative and cost-effective solutions including everything from tools and production equipment to finished components.
Close customer relations are vital, not least during the product development process. 

 Our ambition is to exceed customers’ high expectations. We can only do that by always working to make improvements,through innovation and with a high degree of service. A long-term approach to work and sustainability
are cornerstones of our business. Therefore, we prioritize environment and ethics in all of the group’s operations.

Investing in the future

VA Automotive operates in three locations in Sweden and two in China. In Hässleholm about one hundred employees work in a 16,000-square-metre facilitywith products and services that are delivered to customers in Sweden and the rest of Europe, China and South America.
We foresee a future in which VA Automotive is an innovative partner for new and established customers on a broad market throughout the engineering industry. Our strengths are broad expertise, speed and commitment, and our personnel are one of our main competitive advantages. We know
that our customers appreciate the fact that they can get a total solution from a single source.
The future is bright for the group and, as new products continue to be developed, we foresee
expansion in our business.

It’s a matter of always looking ahead and focusing on the international market.

Christer Svensson CEO, VA Automotive