Nya IndustriTeknik – Your partner
from concept to finished product

In close collaboration with our customers, IndustriTeknik develops and manufactures custom machinery, industrial automation systems and production equipment for specific tasks. The company has the engineering know-how to meet customers’ needs and requests.
We develop product concepts from start to finish, and we often build “machines that do not exist”. Building custom machinery is a complicated process that demands vast knowledge, broad experience, attentiveness and close communication between the company and its customers. The customer knows his own process better than anyone else. This knowledge should be reflected in the product we deliver.
Doing business that benefits both parties should be simple and secure. IndustriTeknik’s products must strengthen the customer and give them a better market position. This makes the company more a partner than simply a machine supplier. IndustriTeknik mainly builds machinery for the vehicle industry, other types of manufacturing, and the electronics and wood industries. The focus on custom equipment is mainly in southern Sweden, but exports account for about 50% of our sales.. Industriteknik_logo Nya IndustriTeknik AB Box 34, SE-281 21 Hässleholm, Sweden Phone: +46 451 38 41 00,