Lidhs Verktyg – Passion for solutions

Thanks to Lidhs Verktyg AB’s experience and expertise, customers can always be assured of reliable and economical production with
sheet metalworking tools. And, thanks to demanding customers,the company has created an efficient product development process
aided by modern, high-tech infrastructure. Most of the customers are based in Sweden and the rest of Europe. Lidhs Verktyg designs, manufactures and sells sheet metalworking tools for the engineering industry throughout Europe. Using high-tech engineering methods and machinery, the company produces advanced tooling for modern production equipment.
By working with virtual quality assurance, optimal solutions for the customer’s manufacturing processes are ensured at an early stage.
The company was founded in 1969 by Bertil Lidh. At that time, Lidhs made tools for injection moulding, die casting and sheet metal forming. In 1998 the company decided to focus entirely on tools sheet metal forming. Since 2012, the company has been part of the VA Automotive Group. Lidhs has always seen controlled, stable growth. This has largely been due to the company’s ability to analyse the consequences of technological advances and develop manufacturing methods that are well adapted to customers’ frequently changing demands.lidhs_logo Lidhs Verktyg AB Verkstadsvägen 4, SE-514 63 Dalstorp, Sweden Phone: +46 321 530 300,