Läreda Mekan – Innovation and flexibility

Läreda Mekan AB is an innovative partner that assumes responsibility for complete product development, from concept to complete design documentation. By entering the development process at the concept stage, the company can produce creative, flexible solutions that meet costs and other requirements. Läreda Mekan never compromises on quality and safety. Together with our in-house partners, we command the full chain of manufacturing equipment, including everything from tools and fixtures to assembly equipment. We have our own prototyping specialists who, together with product developers, are quickly able to produce an initial product version.
Most often, we work with concepts consisting largely of sheetmetal components and where the process includes press forming, welding and assembly.
Läreda Mekan is proud of its collaboration with Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, a relationship that ensures continued development and innovativeness within the company. mekan_logo Läreda Mekan AB Box 34, SE-281 21 Hässleholm, Sweden Phone: +46 451 425 00,