SwePart Verktyg – Quality starts
with the right tools

SwePart Verktyg i Tyringe AB is one of northern Europe’s leading producers in the tool and die engineering segment and, together, Lidhs Verktyg and Swepart Verkstyg are the group’s specialists when it comes to press forming tools. The company specializes in the manufacture of mediumsized and large tools and tool equipment for serial production of high-quality metal components in the vehicle industry.
Together, the two companies are northern Europe’s leading manufacturer of tools, with more than 100 years of experience in tool and die design and development.
Over the years, SwePart has developed, produced and delivered about twenty thousand tools to demanding customers within the vehicle, household appliance and furniture industries worldwide. SwePart has built a good reputation and become a priority supplier to its customers. The company’s success is due to its ability to create added value and a commitment to creating unique tooling solutions.
swepart_logo SwePart Verktyg i Tyringe AB Box 158, SE-282 23 Tyringe, Sweden Phone: +46 451 597 00,